Break free of soaring energy costs with an SEAI Grant-supported solar installation

With soaring energy costs, isn’t it nice to know that some things in life are still free! With a solar panel installation from McArdle & Traynor, you can make huge savings on electricity costs. But it gets even better – your installation will qualify for a grant from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), helping to slash the installation costs!
Contact us today to claim your free electricity and start reaping the benefits of a modern and efficient solar energy system.

About Solar Photovoltaic Cells

At the heart of our solar installations are engineering marvels called photovoltaic cells. These work by converting sunlight into electricity. Incredibly efficient, these work even without direct sunlight (perfect for Ireland!) and can save you money on your energy bills, and are guaranteed to continue doing so for over twenty years!
With obvious benefits for businesses and householders, solar energy also helps to protect the environment.

Cutting Costs with Solar Panels

Both residential and commercial customers can make big savings on their utility bills with a solar panel installation. An average household can expect to save €1100 annually on their electricity costs.
With the rise in energy costs showing no signs of abating, Solar PV systems let you break free of this burden and lock in your own electricity costs for 25 years.
Contact us today to find out more about how Solar PV systems can slash your electricity costs by up to 70%!

Other Benefits of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

  • The benefits of solar PV systems don’t just save you money on your energy bills. There are numerous other major benefits of installing a solar energy system. Amongst the other huge plusses are:
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions – We are all acutely aware that we need to take action to reduce our carbon emissions. By helping to break our reliance on fossil fuels, Solar PV systems can help protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Battery Storage – Battery storage can save excess electricity until you need it!
  • Water Heating – A solar PV system can heat your water when there is a supply excess.
  • Supply the grid – Excess power can be sold to the power grid, further reducing costs.
  • Low Maintenance – Solar PV cells are virtually maintenance-free and are designed and guaranteed to run for over twenty years.
  • Silent – Unlike other renewable energy systems like wind power, a solar PV system is completely silent, making it perfect for urban and residential applications.

How Solar PV Systems Work

The technology behind Solar PV systems is not new, but modern systems are far more efficient. This efficiency allows them to produce more power from less solar energy. A simple explanation of how solar PV systems work is described below:

  1. A semi-conducting material in the photovoltaic cell uses sunlight to create Direct Current (DC) electricity.
  2. The DC electricity is routed to an inverter that converts the electricity to Alternating Current (AC) – The amount of electricity that a cell can optimally produce is known as kilowatt peak (kWp).
  3. Excess electricity can be used to heat water, charge batteries, or get exported to the grid.

Contact us today to find out more about how solar PV cells work and how they can benefit you.

Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland Grant

At McArdle & Traynor, we are proud to work with the SEAI. SEAI grants are available to help pay for the materials and installation of your solar PV system.
The amount of funding available is dependent on the power of the solar PV system you install. The following figures show the level of funding available (correct at the time of writing):

  • €900 per kWp up to 2 kWp
  • €300 for each additional kWp up to 4 kWp

This means that a 3 kWp installation will be eligible for a €2100 grant, and a 4 kWp will be eligible for €2400. This is the maximum payment allowed in the scheme.

McArdle & Traynor – The solar energy experts

With a reputation built on excellence and customer-first philosophy, McArdle & Traynor are industry leaders in solar PV system installations. With systems more affordable than ever and SEAI grants to further reduce costs, you can trust us to deliver the perfect system for your energy needs.
Call us today for a fast and efficient installation of the latest generation of photovoltaic cells. Amongst the immediate benefits for you and your home or business are:

  • Future proof your home or business – With at least twenty-five years of use, a solar energy system will beat rising energy costs for twenty-five years or more. With an average payback period of 6 years, the savings can be massive.
  • Increase your property values – Increasingly house buyers will consider the energy costs of the houses they are interested in. Solar panels are a sure way of attracting such interest and boosting your property’s value.
  • Low-maintenance solution – With no moving parts and frequent washing from the rain, these are an “install and forget” sustainable energy system.
  • Expert installation at a time that suits you – Solar PV systems can be installed quickly with a minimum of disruption. Our trained survey teams and technicians will work with you to install your system when it suits you.
  • Customer support – Our customers are our biggest asset, and our ongoing commitment to customer service and aftercare is a testament to this.
  • Tailored system design – Our design team will sit down with you and discuss the available options and design a system that works for you and your needs.

Call us today to start making savings on your energy bills with a Solar Photovoltaic system designed and installed by the experts at McArdle & Traynor.

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