What type of equipment should be PAT tested?

The name Portable Appliance Testing suggests that only equipment that can be plugged in and moved is covered. But this is only part of the story, all the equipment that should be tested is categorised by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

These categories are detailed below:

  • Portable Appliances – This includes items like – Kettles, fans, radios. Anything that can easily be moved is covered in this category
  • Handheld Appliances – Power tools, soldering irons, hairdryers/clippers. If an appliance is held whilst it is in operation, it is included in this category.
  • Movable Appliances – This category differs from “portable appliances” as the equipment is generally larger. This category includes fridges, microwaves, coffee machines, etc.
  • Stationary Appliances – This covers generally larger appliances, items like freezers, ovens, and washing machines are included.
  • Built-in/Fixed Appliances – This category covers any appliance that is considered static. Ovens built-in to units, lathes and pillar drills, dishwashers are all covered.
  • IT Appliances – PCs and laptop chargers, printers, servers, etc.
  • Extension leads – All types of extension leads, and adapters are covered.

Additionally, in the case of specialist appliances, the guidance of the manufacturer should be sought.