Kilsaran International

New production line for paving plant vast amount of containment and wiring of the new production line.

  • Industrial installation of containment and wiring for machines and other services
  • Working alongside machine installation team
  • Earthing off structure and all containment services
  • Site temporary supply’s
  • Installation off Cctv cabling


Sundrelle LED Lighting Project

  • Project: Industrial warehouse
  • Industry: Distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • Total number of light fittings changed 384
  • Electricity bill annual savings Kilo watt hours 136212kw
  • 23,156 per annum savings


We carried out a lighting energy audit on the premises to look at ways of reducing the companys energy cost and optimizing the quality of light in both the distribution warehouse and offices.

Upon completion of our audit we learned that the quality of light was poor and some staff were having trouble reading labels etc.

We came up with a tailored lighting solution to optimize both energy efficiency and increase the quality of light significantly and slashing both their energy and maintenance costs in half . Upon completion of the installation the managers were extremely happy with their savings and how it has modernized the building so the staff can find what they are looking for and see what they are doing.

LED retrofit project – Contract length – 3 weeks

  • Complete retro fit of office lighting using 600×600 led panels.  .
  • Existing warehouses useing 150watt philips coreline highways from a 400watt metal Halide highbay.
  • Mezzanine floor changing from 2x 58watt vapour proofs to a philips corleine 32watt vapour proof.

Sundrelle New warehouse and office extension. Contract length – 8 months

  • Complete design and installation of electrical services to include emergency lighting designed to IS3217:2013 and Fire Alarm to IS3218:2013.
  • Design and installation of high bay lighting switched via high bay sensors
  • Design and Install of All general services
  • Installation of all cctv and secuirty wiring
  • Design and install of all data and fiber network cabling.

“Ciaran and Gerry, and their team, did such a good job on the office retrofit, they were a natural choice when it came to the new warehouse. Good prices and good work.”

— Fran O Gorman

Panda Power


  • Rewire and redesign of of existing office block
  • Strip out of existing services
  • Rewire and design of lighting, Emergency lighting upgrade of lighting to Led 600×600 panels and downlights throughout.
  • Install new electric heaters throughout to comply with EU 811 2013 and complete control for each Heater via Smart phone app and P.C
  • Strip out of old data cabling and rewire to new Cat 6 points throughout.

Panda Power Headquarters

McArdle Traynor were asked to quote competitively on this project and were very happy to be awarded the 6 month contract.

Panda Power – being a power company – were extremely selective in the process of finding an electrical contractor who would be able to specify, supply and fit a power and lighting system that would pass any scrutiny in regards efficiency and energy saving.


“Panda Power needed quick, quality work when we finally found the office we wanted. McArdle & Traynor delivered – and with all the extra work we asked them to do in the same timeframe.”

— Panda Power MD

Alexandra College

Project Orwell (Phase 1)

  • Installation of all new external road lighting columns
  • Installation of led strips to outdoor seating area and signage, led handrail lighting for all external steps
  • Modifications to Main distribution board and installation of new Eternal lighting Service distribution board.
  • Complete CCTV package
  • Wiring for external gates and barriers